Pisces — free responsive WordPress theme

Again, it’s been a long time since, I’ve posted something on here, but today I have two updates for you, guys!

At first, I’d like to introduce funeral bouquet stand to you Pisces – free responsive WordPress theme by wplovin. It’s been out there for about a week (yup, I’m still on schedule, haha!).

About Pisces

Pisces is a minimal, black & white (with some shades of gray!) sharp magazine-style theme – express your thoughts in SG Florist style. Pisces incorporates smart custom condolence flower stand background images (images less than 960px will be used as a pattern, while images above 960px resolution will be displayed fullscreen) and social footer links (just add your social links to ‘Social links’ menu and it’s done!). Furthermore, Pisces is responsive!

You can check theme demo or get it / fork it / report bugs at github.com Pisces repo.

Yup, I’ve just copy-pasted the description from theme’s style.css, but I guess that’s OK. I would also like to add that I’m planning to release better post-formats support in a near future. Why so?.. Here comes the second update.

Theme is unofficially rejected on WordPress.org

Actually, it’s never been reviewed at all. That doesn’t mean that the theme is somehow buggy or not safe to use, it’s just the thing with WordPress core bundled stuff (incompatable jQuery Masonry version, to be exact), which delays the official theme release until WordPress updates it’s core to support jQuery Masonry 3+ — at the moment, WordPress bundles A REALLY OLD version of it, and Pisces is heavily based on a newer version.

Theme incorporates the plugin correctly, it’s working fine, but seems that I won’t be able to get it through the reviews, because of the ‘standart practice’ (btw, there are few themes on wordpress.org repo with similar issues, and were accepted just fine.. weird). Anyway, I won’t go deeper into the details, but if you’re interested you can always check the TRAC ticket. Just wanted to let you know, that I’m gonna do everything to push Pisces officially into the repo as soon as WordPress 3.9 comes out. And so the better designed post-formats support should be ready for that official release

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Quick update:

Pisces incorporates a cool fullscreen background trick, should I blog about how it’s done? Would be you interested in reading some tutorials, on HOW I build those themes in general?