Casino Owners

Wealthiest Casino Owners In The World

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson probably one of the most wealthiest mmc996 casino owner who has relatively low key style. He has made millions over the casino industry. He is the current owner of Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas also is known for his philanthropic work. He currently has a net worth of over $21.5 billion and is the CEO of Las Vegas  Sands Corporation. There are also other variations of Venetian in places like Singapore, Macau, etc.

Sheldon Adelson

Kirk Kerkorian

He is the second wealthiest who is worth about $11 billion. He came from humble beginnings and later became famous after buying a small high roller space. He then brought the Las Vegas Strip where now stands Ceasar’s Palace. He is also the head of the MGM Grand hotels and casinos and has also shared some of his shares to others as well but still owns 39%.

Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho is worth $7 billion and is known as Asian Godfather and is one of the wealthiest person in Macau. He started out by stepping foot into real estate, shipping, transportation and banking. He began gambling in an illegal way and later accumulated the wealth into building his empire.

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn holds $2.8 billion who owns Golden Nugget, Bellagio, Wynn, Treasure Islands, Encore and the Mirage. He is still trying to grow the empire and is looking to ensure that he has his name all across the globe. Today, he stands at the number 4th position of the wealthiest casino owners.

Donald Trump

Probably one of the most outspoken in the list, he takes the fifth place in our list as he has many real estate and casino holdings which include New York and Atlantic City. Today, Trump has $2 billion in asses., even after being declared as bankrupt on three of his properties.

Elaine Wynn

EWlain Wynn is no other than the former wife of Steve Wynn, who holds 68% casino properties and has an estimated wealth of $1.7 billion. With her interest in the casino, she has also garnered a lot of revenue over the years and is one of the only female standing in the top when it comes to casino owners.

Elaine Wynn

Phill Ruffin

Phill Ruffin, although standing the seventh slot is still one of the most successful candidates with over 65 casino properties all around the world. Growing his empire into the unchartered territories. This has made him one of the best businessman who from humble beginnings made it big.

Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta

Frank Fertitta III is worth $ 1.25 billion whereas Lorenzo Fertitta is $1.2 billion. They are brothers who inherited the skills in the casino due to their father, who was also a businessman. Frank Fertitta III is now the present president and CEO of Station casino Las Vegas.